The only way Meet and Greets should be done. <3

The only way Meet and Greets should be done. <3

Can you do brooding on cue? (x)

David Cook talking about “Barbasol”
"We just started as a band, and we were in rehearsals out in LA. […] So we’re playing this song […] And this dude who we never met before comes in waving a towel. When we finished the song he was — ‘Oh man, I love that stripper beat! That’s a nice stripper beat!’ So now if you ever go to some adult-themed place and you hear them dancing to that track, now you know why.” (x)

This is how many cuts I made on Idol from the first audition to winning. It was 14. And I got it in circus font ‘cause Idol’s crazy, right? (x)

Every single time I say Hello and start singing to this song, I immediately have this image stuck in my mind. <3

I think happy endings are overrated sometimes. I think you learn more from sad endings and realistic endings.
David Cook This Loud Morning (via thewordnerdinsectionq)


David Cook tries to sing Time of My Life. [x]